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What is the best way to ace an AP exam?

This question plagues many students on a yearly basis. The dreaded AP exams that consume your life for a whole month (this depends on how many exams you take of course). The short answer is there is no one set way at acing your AP exams, however there are some methods that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that can sure help in increasing your chances.

1.) Practice, Practice, Practice!

There is no other way to put this, but you need to practice. The reason that people practice is you're trying to get your brain familiar with the type of questions and concepts that will show up on the exam. The more often you see it and try and solve it, the better you get at recognizing patterns and being able to solve even more complex problems.

Practice exams and questions will be your best friend. Currently, the College Board offers access to their free response questions for free.

2.) Study with a buddy

Or with a large group of people. Studying with a group usually helps in enhancing learning, because you get multiple perspectives looking at a set of questions. What one person may not understand, another might. Also, having someone else to share the pain of studying with and struggles. Having someone to help motivate you will keep you from taking that extra break and end up focusing on the task at hand.

3.) Do not procrastinate

This is true for anything. But for the AP exams, the longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be for you to retain any information. Setting up study methods for yourself is a great way for you to ensure that your keeping your mind fresh on the new topics that you learn by consistently practicing. This also ensures that you don't put all studying off until a week before the actual exam (trust me, I've heard and seen plenty of people who have done this), which can result in really bad results.

These methods are not the sure-fired way to ace your AP exams, but it will definitely be better than doing nothing. With AP exams being in approximately 1 month, it might be best for you to try them out and see if they help you.

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