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Making the Connection: Does Technology Distract This Generation Too Much?

Identifying our tech use

Via Google Image SearchLet’s be honest, how many times have you blamed technology for being a distraction? Probably twenty times just this morning. It is inevitable in this day and age that computers and phones be part of our work and social life, but is this implementation of gadgets helping us or pulling us further and further away from reality?

I think that there is distinction that needs to be made, though: what are we using technology for? If you compare the time you spend on Facebook for creeping recreational purposes versus the time you spend doing research for your newest blog, you might find that Facebook is dominant disruption.

However, we cannot write-off our laptops and tablets so hastily. These tools have redefined beloved pastimes. Think about photography. Just about everyone I know has a fancy SLR camera and captures moments that become immortalized memories. We have been given the opportunity to evolve into photographers almost overnight. This tool has become accessible because of price and popularity. We Google tutorials for techniques and use apps like Instagram to showcase our work.

Apple has recently aired a commercial that shows how its consumers use the iPhone for taking photos on a regular basis. This advertisement indicates that our mundane everyday use of the “phone” has transformed for multiple functions. Could this then be considered a distraction if it lines up with intentions that artists have when creating their masterpieces?

It is true; we spend countless hours staring at screens everyday. However, the vision that we create through the lens of camera or the screen of an iPad cannot be wasteful if it is made with purpose and passion. This generation has been faced with many choices. We can harness the power that technology offers or we can let these gadgets control our lives without our consent. The distraction can only occur if you let it.

Let us know what you are doing with the newest, innovative gadgets out there. Share your response in the comments below!