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Top Organizations You Should Know About Going to College

Top Collegiate Societies and Organizations You should Know About

Although a majority of success in college depends on grades, getting involved in other extracurricular activities can give you an advantage. By joining clubs, honor societies and other organizations, students benefit themselves by networking, learning new things and even practicing their future careers. The following lists a few well known honor societies and organizations students should consider joining in college. Some general groups and societies include:

National Society of Collegiate Scholars- According to their website, “the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers.” Their qualifications of a 3.4 GPA or higher must be met. The society provides scholarship and discount opportunities. Because NSCS even provides a $1,000,000 in scholarships every year students can likely win scholarship money.

Phi Kappa Phi- This honor society is also open to any major. Their eligibility requirements vary between years, so check them out. To enter however, you must be invited. Phi Kappa Phi also offers scholarships and discounts. This organization also has study abroad grants students compete for!

Golden Key- The world’s largest collegiate honor society. Golden Key invites students (undergraduate sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students) who achieve in the top 15% of their class. G.K. mainly focuses on networking and scholarships.

This Society allows cross major networking which might be useful for students looking to start businesses or make connections in an industry for the future. In the real world this translates to even cross industry connections.

Business Societies

Beta Gamma Sigma- BΓΣ initiates by invite only upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) along with graduate students. Their eligibility requirements vary, year to year. Being a member of BGS is the “highest honor attainable” at an Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools “Accredited” School.

As a “highest honor attainable” BGS acts as an indicator for future employers. By simply putting the fact that you’ve been inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, you show the world you’ve set yourself apart from the rest of your class. This also applies to other GPA and values required societies.

American Marketing Association- The AMA can be a great way to advance your career in marketing. Although they have dues depending on your year/ profession, they provide some valuable resources along with networking opportunities. The benefits of membership include resources, tools, training, conferences, certification and more. With these benefits, the AMA sets itself apart. They provide a tangible way to grow your marketing skills.


Alpha Omega Alpha- This honor medical society proves very prestigious with nobellorates, Surgeons General of The United States, and other notable members. That being said, they have high standards and requirements. Their benefits are vast, some big ones include scholarship competitions and a Student Service Project Leadership Award.

Joining AOA is similar to BGS in prestige. One might argue that it’s even more selective. Being among its’ famous alumni definitely gives a student the chance to learn from the best.

American Medical Student Association- For this association, US medical students gain free admittance. However, different groups must pay dues. Like other organizations, they provide scholarships and discounts (education, financial, and travel.) One of their top goals relates to providing quality healthcare for all.

Being involved in giving back to their community benefits both yourself and those around you. As an organization, AMSA is larger than AOA. Therein, you’ll have the ability to interact with a plethora of like minded medical students from around the country.


Engineers Without Borders- This group aims to serve the needs of disadvantaged communities and people through engineering solutions. There are no dues to join this organization. EWB provides a great way to not only learn and practice engineering firsthand, but also to give back to your community. Having experience before searching for a job definitely sets you apart!

Tau Beta Pi- As the oldest engineering society in the United States, TBP has over half a million members. To be eligible, students in their second to last year must place in the top eight of their class or be in the top fifth of their last college year’s class. All together, TBP provides not only scholarships and stipends, but also loans! That being said, TBP provides a great financial service to it’s members.


Phi Delta Phi- Phi Delta Phi predates the even the American Bar Association. There are no specific requirements and any student can join. But, there are fees involved. Their benefits include events, awards and scholarships. Overall, this international organization spans many universities and should be thought of as both historic and prestigious.

Phi Alpha Delta-Holding the spot as the largest co-ed professional law fraternity in the US, this brotherhood composes itself of multiple groups of people. Pre-Law and law students possess the opportunity to work with lawyers, judges and politicians toward advancing their values and serving their communities. They do so through service projects, rewards and sponsorships.

Individually Phi Alpha Delta can benefit you as a student through creating a vast network. Wherever you go in your future law career, there’s likely to be members close by.

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