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New and Recent Changes to the AP Chemistry Exam

Will the new Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry curriculum change the way students and teachers learn? Building off the the last post concerning changes in AP exams, AP Chemistry is another exam that has not seen changes in years until recently. The new curriculum was implemented effective Fall 2013 and the first AP exam for...

AP Chemistry Review Question 1

Review for your upcoming AP exam for AP Chemistry In this post, we begin your preparation for the AP exam by going over a question that we have as part of our free AP practice questions for a topic Omninox offers. The current exams provide an explanation after a user takes the exam, but...

AP Chemistry Question Review 2 - Enthalpy

Continuing with our question reviews, we come back to AP Chemistry The AP Chemistry exam is getting dangerously close as it is less than a month away. Our old question review for AP Chemistry talked about hydrogen bonding, but in this post, we plan to cover another topic that is bound to show up...