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3 Reasons Why Calculus Is so Hard

The derivative of its difficulty is also zero, so it will always be this hardCaptain Calculus So you are a pre-med or engineering student stuck in a Calculus class and just had your mind blown to its limits (no pun intended). Most students start scratching their heads when limits become derivatives. Then when derivatives...

AP Calculus AB Question Review 1

Continuing with our review in mathematics, we cover another AP subject that multiple students take classes for, AP Calculus AB. This course is one of the most frequently taken courses in any college or university (usually taught as Calculus 1 at the college level). Hence the large enrollment of exam takers. A typical question...

Derivatives + Optimization

In other words, how can you use derivatives to get what you want? One of the most interesting and practical applications of derivatives is their ability to look at a relationship or a function, and find a desired outcome, such as maximizing or minimizing a variable. For example, suppose you run a milk business,...