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AP European History Period 3 Review Questions and Discussion Pt.2

Just as a note to my readers out there, this post is a bit longer than usual, so it is split into two parts. You are now reading Part 2. Make sure to have read Part 1 before reading this second part. Stimulus 3 “Union between the monarchs is the basis of the policy...

AP European History Period 3 Review Questions and Discussion Pt.1

Source Introduction Welcome to Period 3! There is much to cover in this section as there is ALOT going on in this era. From the creation of Germany and Italy to the colonization of Africa and even the establishment of a dual monarchy in the now Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the 19th century is hectic and...

AP European History Period 1 Review Questions and Discussion

Source Introduction Welcome to the first review section on AP European History. If you have taken AP World History before, some of the upcoming information may ring a bell. However, if it does not, it's ok, because we will explore European history in much greater depth. Let's begin! This review post mainly concerns itself...