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Synergy, Business and Life

The idea of synergy and its place in school, work, and life

There’s the saying: “two heads are better than one.” But, what does that exactly mean? The best definition would be that two people working together produces better results than if they were to work apart. A study in 2009 found that this is partially true. It really depends on the quality of communication between the two people. Synergy, or the ability to work productively in a team was rated as one of “The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees” by Forbes Magazine. Therein, synergy is important for your career, but however, this article argues its importance in other fields as well as overall in life.

The study, published by Science Magazine, found that people worked better together at a task. The exceptions occurred when one member failed to communicate to their partner how confident they were in their decision. For example, Jim might say Choice A is the best without actually weighing the pros and cons of that choice. So, when working with a partner, be weary of overconfidence.

So, as long as we remain aware of the pitfalls, we now know synergy makes sense as a logical choice for completing projects. Therein, it’s no wonder that businesses create group projects all the time! If your partner plays to your faults, you can see and do things considerably more efficiently and creatively. And when a company fully implements this throughout their business they solve problems and innovate which shows in its profits. A great example would be Zappos, who strives to live up to their core values. One of which is “Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication.”

However, I believe that the gist of synergy also relates to other topics. A huge example might be entrepreneurship, or the process of starting a new business. If you think about it, the success of a venture relates to the combination of goods or services in a unique way that adds value that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Put simply, 1+1=3. This thought also relates back to the synergy idea stated earlier. Two combinations of things sometimes produce something better than those things on their own.

Starbucks provides a great example. A comfy chair with relaxing music is something pretty good on its own. But, with quality coffee added in as well as personalized customer service and coffee culture, it becomes the multibillion dollar brand that it is today.

If you think of any hit product, look at its parts. When broken down, things might not be revolutionary. But, together, the value far outweighs the inputs.

The idea of synergy can also be applied in your everyday life. When encountering difficult problems or situations, think about the benefits of another person’s outlook. In doing so, you’ll possibly answer these challenges in a better manner than going it alone. For example, if you’re studying for a test or doing a research project, asking someone for help or a different viewpoint makes sense.

Throughout this article, we can see that combining great products with an awesome company brand can generate an experience that is of value to the consumer. When all parts of the whole system are working together in harmony, or synergy, then you don’t create just a brand and product, but a lifestyle movement. Therein, competent collaboration extends to other applications and situations besides group projects. Synergy relates to not only to work and school assignments and business, but overall to our daily lives.

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