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Suggested Assignments and How to Use Them

We understand that getting started on a new platform can be a pretty daunting task, so we decided to make it easier for those with "New Platform Anxiety." If you don't have this and wish to give the platform a try right away, then visit our sign up page and begin a trial. For everyone else, I suggest to keep reading :)

The Omninox platform lives off of the creation of assignments, but the question most people ask when they first log in is:

"How do I create my first assignment?"

That's where our new enhancement, suggested assignments come in. These are assignments created by the Omninox Content Team with questions hand-picked by us for every subject we currently offer on our platform. You can think of these assignments as a way to jump start your assignment creation process to give you a base to build off of. Here's how it works.

1. Select your subjects of interest

You'll be presented with a table upon first logging in with options for you to select the subjects that you're interested in. Just check the boxes of the subjects that you want suggested assignments for and click Save.

Pick suggested assignments from a variety of AP subjects

Select your subjects of interest from the table

After you've finished selecting and saving your subjects of interest, you should notice that the suggested assignments section should have populated with some new assignments. Again, these assignments are comprised of questions hand-picked by our content team for important topics in every subject. You can use them as is or choose to edit them further to personalize it to your specific taste.

The suggested assignments should appear in your dashboard as shown below

Suggested assignments location

2. View the contents of an assignment

After browsing through some of the suggested assignments in the list, you'll notice that you get a little snippet of a question from the assignment. To get more details about a specific assignment and to see all the questions, just click on the title of the assignment or the "more" link to open up the full assignment in a new tab on your browser.

Viewing the details of an assignment

View the details of an assignment

You'll be able to see all the questions that were added to the assignment and then you can choose whether to edit the assignment to personalize it more, or if you like the questions already in there, you can assign it to one of your classrooms right away.

3. Add an assignment to your assignment list

After you've browsed through the assignments and have found an assignment that you want to use for yourself, you can add the assignment to your assignment list where you can choose to further assign, edit, or delete the assignment. By clicking the + Add to My Assignments button, the suggested assignment will "automagically" be added into your assignment list for you to begin using.

Adding an assignment to your assignment list

Add suggested assignments to your assignment list

4. Edit your subjects of interest

You can always edit which subjects you want to appear in your suggested assignments section by visiting your settings page or by clicking on the Edit Subjects button, which should automatically take you to the subjects table in your settings page. When in here, you can select which subjects you want suggested assignments for and save your preferences.

Editing your subjects of interest

Edit the subjects you're interested in

We're hoping that the addition of this new enhancement will make creating your first assignment an easy task for new users to the platform. And for existing users, this should be a good addition to get some new ideas for assignments on subjects that you may not have thought of yet.

The whole Omninox Team is super excited to see how everyone will use these suggested assignments in their classrooms. Happy teaching!

To get started with suggested assignments, be sure to sign up and start your free trial.