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SAT Plans to Return to 1600 Point Scale Starting 2016

A long awaited change finally coming to fruition

You heard it right. The SAT® is changing their scoring system back to just the 1600 point scale before the writing section was introduced back in 2005 which caused the point scale to be measured out of 2400 points. This is a drastic change for College Board® (CB) and the reasons for this huge shift is rooted more deeply in our society than we think.

What exactly changed?

In addition to the writing section being removed from being mandatory, the test will focus on more relevant vocabulary words that the CB thinks students will use in college and beyond. The math section will also draw from less concepts so the student won’t have to cover as much for the exam. But one of the biggest changes comes from the no deduction of points for incorrect answers, which has always been done in the past. These are some major changes that CB is very serious about implementing with the reason being that they wanted to level the playing field for all kinds of students from all backgrounds.

College Board has a conscience?

Yes, the company has more to them than just making money and administering tests to eager young high school students. The reason that they made all of these changes lies in the socioeconomic status differences rooted in our culture. It is argued that the way the current test is, the ones who have the means and comes from more “well off backgrounds” can purchase the necessary materials needed to prepare for the exam such as study materials, tutors, and the likes while those who did not have the money, were not presented the same opportunities. Long has this been the case and it has caused a riff in the educational sector that divided the intelligent students coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds from having any shot at performing as well another intelligent student living in a more sustainable household.

This has resulted in students who applying to lower level colleges or sometimes no colleges at all. This is the mission of CB, to level the playing field and provide students the means as well as a passing chance to perform well on the exam and have a chance of going to a college of their dreams. A good education is the American dream, and its about time that test making companies realize that it should be made available to students of all backgrounds.

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