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New Website is Up! Here's What's Next

As you might be able to tell, we just finished with possibly one of the greatest undertakings our team has done. It was a singular laser-focused effort by our entire team towards one goal: allowing AP students and teachers to prepare for AP exams together on a platform that looks beautiful across all devices. Although we released the website on Monday, we aren't quite finished yet. Here's what's left.

1) Migration

We had a significant number of users on our old website that had created an account. In order to make sure they don't have to register again, we are migrating their key information over. Since passwords were stored securely, though, these will have to be reset.

2) Content Integration

We also have another blog on our Omniguides website that we are going to discontinue after a short amount of time. We want all of the content to be consolidated in one place: AP Practice, blog content, everything. So, transferring all of this content over is going to take some time. But we can do that while still being able to support our growing user base. The last thing that's left is really important though.

3) Minor bugs

Testing a website in development on our computers is different from hosting it on a server. Different computers behave differently, so a few unexpected things arise. We had planned for this, so by the end of February all of these will be sorted out and we will send out invitations to our subscribers who signed up, as well as provide instructions to our existing users on how to access their account.