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Moving Back Home After Graduation

The Woes of Adapting to Home Life Post Undergrad

Having your mom tell you to shower or clean up your room doesn’t have the same effect when you move back from college as it did when you were in high school. When you begin your college years, especially if you move away from home, you begin to define yourself as an adult. Your parents aren’t there to nag you, but they aren’t there to help you with the laundry either.

Going back home after graduation is a common move these days for several reasons. Many students like to take more time to find themselves…or find a job (good luck with that!) Returning to the nest does not mean you are a failure. Eventually though, you need to spread your wings and fly. In the meantime, here are some things I have learned, and still learning, as I transition back into my original abode.

Make a timeline

Hopefully you have some direction as to what you are going to do with your life. If you don’t, that’s cool too. However, make a plan of where you see yourself in one to five years. Plan out how much money it will take to really get you on your feet and out of the house. Use a large calendar in your room to help visualize your goals. Living at home should be a transition for you and not a permanent destination unless you are needed there for a family emergency.

Stick to your schedule. This timeline reflects a big step into adulthood. Your parents love you and will be proud of your efforts. Besides they probably need your room for a new closet or something anyway.

Set some rules

It is hard to come back home and have a curfew. Been there, done that. Have a sit-down with mom and pop about ground rules. Remember, it’s still their house so you should have some respect for it. Also, lay down rules for yourself. Talk to them about financial responsibilities in the house. Maybe you can take on paying the cell phone bill and picking up groceries every other week while you are at home. Mom will appreciate the help and you will be looked on as an adult.

Your room is your room

When I left for college my room turned into storage. (WHY?!) I spent about a week cleaning out all these documents my mom had in my room. It was time for some change. Everything that wasn’t mine was set in the hallway for her to address. I redecorated and rearranged the furniture. This change helped my mood transition into the “grown-up” mentality. I am not telling you to do a total demo in your room, but painting a wall or two can spruce up your look and help you in your transition. Let’s face it, it was time to get rid of those SpongeBob sheets anyway.

How has life changed for you after you came home post undergrad? Any tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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