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iTunes U Allows Creation of Class Courses for iPad

Did I mention it’s free?

With the new updates for iOS on the horizon, the idea of iPads in the classroom becomes more of a reality. iTunes has developed an application where teachers and professors can share their courses with their students. For free.

Although the coursework would only be available through the iPad platform, students are able to take notes while watching video, check off their tasks as they complete assignments and have their device aggregate notes into specific sections.

The whole course at your fingertips

How sweet would it be to avoid buying a huge textbook and just have it where all your coursework is stored? Pretty sweet. iTunes U integrates iBooks so your books are right next to your assignments, notes, etc.

How sweet would it be to be notified when there is a new assignment posted? Very sweet. iTunes U offers this as well. Students can receive push notifications when new assignments are available and when they receive messages.

Global sharing, global learning

Teachers can invite their students by sharing a URL or code that allows for enrollment. They can only invite 50 students per course if they are not affiliated to their school that has a public iTunes U site.

Not enrolled at a school that has offers courses through iTunes U? No worries. Download the app and check out what prestigious universities such as Yale, Stanford and Oxford are offering.

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