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Uploading your own Assignments

We understand that teachers have some great content out there that they use in their classrooms. This content is something that they may use every year. They can come in the form of word documents, pdf files, text files, etc.

We believe that any and all documents deserves the right to be converted into a usable form on the Omninox platform, which is why we're allowing you to upload your assignments to get them converted by us into a digital form that's usable with our site!

Here's how it works:

Upload any file with any extension

We want teachers to take advantage of what our platform has to offer and also utilize the questions that they may use in whatever file extension it may be. This is why teachers are given the option to upload an assignment (in any form: word document, pdf file, text file, image, etc.) to our site, which will then be converted into a digital assignment ready for their use.

All a teacher will have to do is:

1.) Log in to your account

2.) Click + New Assignment

3.) Click on Upload an Assignment

4.) Select an Assignment from your computer. You can upload almost any file type:

  • Word Docs
  • PDF Files
  • Text Files
  • Excel Files
  • Pictures of Assignments

5.) You should get a notification telling you that the upload was successful.

A quick video showing how to do steps 1-5 is below.

Upload an assignment

How to upload your own assignment file

What happens next?

After uploading the assignment, we’ll get notified and begin converting your assignment into a digital format ready for you to use. Wait for a notification in your email to confirm that your assignment has been uploaded to our site and is in the format ready for you to use. When you login into your account next, you'll see that the assignment has been uploaded under your assignments section.

We'll prepend the assignment name with the word "Upload" so you know which one is the one we converted for you.

Best part about it is your questions get added to our community pool of questions so that other teachers can use it for their assignments.

Everybody wins!

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