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How to Review an Assignment

Once students complete their assignment and the due date passes for the assignment, the teacher can review the assignment results. To review the assignment:

A video tutorial on how to do this is shown below.

Or you can also follow the directions provided below.

1.) Navigate to your classroom and locate the assignment that you want to review

2.) Click on the Eye icon for a particular assignment to bring you to the Gradebook page

Review an assignment

Once you click, you can see the class average grade on that assignment and the individual grade that each student received.

Gradebook View

Reviewing the assignment comes in two views for the teacher:

  1. Classroom Average view
  2. Student view

How to go to the Classroom Average View

1.) Click on the Eye Icon for the Class Average Line

Revire the class average

This next page is the Classroom Average View. You’ll be able to see each question in the assignment, the correct answer in green along with its explanation, the performance statistics of the question, and a class list on the right.

Classroom Average View with Statistical Data

2.) Use the pie chart to review a breakdown of your student’s responses to a particular question.

In the case above, the two students who answered this question both answered D, which is the correct answer. The pie chart should help give teachers a better idea of how well the students generally understand a question.

Use it to pin-point areas of weakness for the class as a whole. If a large amount of students are selecting the wrong answer, you will be able to see that on the pie chart.

How to go to the student view

You can review an individual student’s assignment by clicking on the Eye icon next to their name on the Gradebook page.

1.) Select a student whose assignment you’d like to review

Review a Student's assignment

The page will show the student’s grade on the assignment as well as their responses to each question in the assignment.

2.) For Incorrect Answers: A highlighted box around an answer choice is the student’s answer. If it is yellow, then the choice is incorrect, and a green box indicating the correct answer choice should appear.

Incorrect answers

3.) For Correct Answers: If the highlighted box is green, then the answer the student chose was correct. A green box indicating the correct answer choice should also appear.

Correct answers

Quickly Switch Between Students

You can switch between student assignments quickly by using the Class List on the right hand side

How to Create a Classroom

1.) Click on a student name to view that student’s responses to the assignment

How to Create a Classroom

2.) Return to the Gradebook page by clicking on the Back to Gradebook button on the bottom of the page

Return to Gradebook

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