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How to Pick Music For Doing or Grading Homework

picture of a violin Music can play an important role in your productivity when doing homework, even if you're the one grading it. Different tones and sounds can affect your ability to focus.

Some may choose to study in silence to avoid all distraction, but many find it too boring and need a tune to focus. If you fall into this latter category, this post is for you to help you strategically select the music that makes you most productive.

It is tricky to get this right because some sounds direct your attention to the page you’re working on, while others distract and redirect your thoughts. I have created countless playlists specifically for studying efficiently, some of which you will find below. The rest of this article will help you pick a variety of sounds to help you finish your pile of homework with laser focus.

Make a Playlist

The first step to finding the right music to help you study is to create a playlist with a name to remind you that it’s specifically for studying. You should make a playlist so that you don’t have to constantly change the song and search through your music.

Specifically picking out sounds and adding them to a list allows you to make a mix of multiple kinds of music that will keep you interested while you study.

Add Some Classical Music

The addition of classical music to the playlist offers many benefits including ones that subliminally help us pay attention. When listening to classical style music many individuals experience enhanced focus known as the “Mozart Effect.”

The Mozart effect comes from listening to unfamiliar instrumental music that plays in the background while studying. This playlist should be an effective background tune that ultimately won’t distract you from your work.

If you have a difficult time finding classical songs to diversify your playlist, you can check out this Classical Study Playlist to get some ideas. This classical playlist features legendary artists including Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart. These composers have a wide variety of symphonies and there are many to choose from for your own playlist.

Ambient Instrumental Sounds

A variety of ambient instrumental sounds will add a modern feel while diversifying your playlist. I find it much easier to study with ambient sounds because of the calming nature of the music and the lack of lyrics to divert my attention. You can find great ambient music hidden in the soundtracks of your favorite movie or television shows.

Sounds of Nature mountainous green forest partially covered in fog If you are an outdoorsy type of person, you may enjoy listening to the sounds of a forest or waterfall to help you focus. Classic outdoor sounds can be very peaceful and relaxing when trying to learn material without distraction.

Here are some Nature Sounds For Studying that I like to use when I'm feeling antsy and want to relax. The sounds of the outdoors really help to slow down your heart rate and create a serene environment for deep focus. These sounds range from waterfalls to crashing waves. They are great for helping you relax.

Electronic Music concert The benefits of listening to electronic music are limitless and there are so many sub genres that it’s hard not to find a style that fits your personality. Electronic dance music typically has a high BPM (Beats Per Minute) and this high beat rate tends to alter your focus, making you more energetic.

Strategically picking electronic music for your playlist can be tricky, but as long as you remember to use primarily background music, your playlist should be great for getting some real work done.

There is a large selection of electronic music out there so I made this Electronic Study Mix to give you a few options. The mix is full of interesting sounds to keep your mind on your homework, where it belongs.

If you are still having trouble finding songs to use for your playlists, here are 30 more songs for helping you be more productive.