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How to Create your own Multiple Choice Question

After you’ve decided to create an assignment, if there is a question that you don’t see and want to make yourself, you can create your own question in the assignment creation page.

A video tutorial on how to do this is shown below.

You can also follow the directions provided below.

1.) Click on Create a new question located at the bottom of the page

How to create a new question

A new question will appear at the bottom of your assignment, ready for you to fill with your knowledge!

2.) Select the Multiple Choice type question from the drop down menu

select multiple choice

With Multiple Choice selected, you’ll be presented with the sections required to make the question:

  • Question Body
  • Answer Choices
  • Explanation Body

different parts to a multiple choice question

3.) Tag your question under the topic you want it to fall under. This will vary depending on the subject (Examples: Kinematics, Integrals, Civil Rights Movement, etc.)

4.) Fill the following sections with your question, answer choices, and explanation while taking advantage of the WYSIWYG Editor (what you see is what you get) located in each section. This editor allows you to edit the format of the text.

How to create a new question

Each button has a separate function for editing the text.

How to create a new question Makes the text bold
How to create a new question Makes the text italic
How to create a new question Makes the text underlined
How to create a new question Creates a hyperlink for the selected text
How to create a new question Opens the LaTex editor to input math equations
How to create a new question Insert an image

5.) Select which answer choice you want to be correct and which ones are incorrect by selecting from the Correct and Incorrect fields

Answer choices

6.) To add an extra answer choice, click add answer option

How to add an answer choice

This will automatically create another answer option, which you can then indicate as either a Correct or Incorrect answer.

7.) When the question is ready to be added to the assignment, click Add to Assignment

add your question to your assignment

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