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How to Create an Assignment

You can select questions from our community question bank for a specific subject and subtopic that you’re interested in and create a new assignment that can be used for homework, in-class work, exams, or quizzes.

A video tutorial on how to do this is shown below.

You can also follow the directions provided below.

Take the following steps once you are logged in and are on your teacher dashboard:

1.) Click + New Assignment

How to Create an Assignment

2.) An assignment window will pop-up requiring you to:

  • Name your assignment
  • Select a Subject
  • Select a Main Topic from drop down or you can begin typing and it will autofill the name for you
  • Number of questions in your assignment

Afterwards, click Create Assignment

How to Create an Assignment

3.) On the screen that appears, you have your Assignment Questions on the left and Community Questions on the right. The assignment questions already come prepopulated with suggested questions that match your main topic that you indicated earlier (in this case derivatives)

How to Create an Assignment

If you don’t like the questions currently in your assignment, you can easily remove it by clicking the Remove button:

How to Create an Assignment

4.) You can add questions from the Community Questions side by navigating to the right of the page, browse through the list of available questions tagged with your topic of interest and select the question you want.

5.) Once you identify a question you want to add to your Assignment, click Add to Assignment

How to Create an Assignment

This will automatically add that question to the bottom of your assignment.

6.) After selecting all the questions you want for your assignment, click Confirm Assignment

How to Create an Assignment

7.) You can choose to also cancel the assignment by clicking the Cancel Assignment button.

Edit/Delete an assignment

1.) To edit an assignment, click Edit

2.) To delete an assignment, click Delete

How to Create an Assignment

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