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How do you Pass your AP Physics Class

The dreaded class where getting a good grade might be easier than you think

You may be at a point where you’re wondering why you’re sitting in your physics class as you get your previous exam handed back to you and all you want do is turn the pages away from embarrassment of your horrible grade. Maybe a question review about physics would help you out. Maybe not. Well what if I told you that getting a good grade is easier than you think? You’d probably call me crazy, but if you follow these tips and tricks, you’re guaranteed to get a better grade in your class.

1.) Make a Buddy

Easiest thing to do in my opinion. If you’re not good at physics, there’s bound to be someone in the class who is amazing at it who you can make your friend. Smart friends have two benefits; first one being that you can be comfortable around them. Someone who is smart in the subject and also your age means that there’s no reason for you to be shy around them. I understand how hard it is sometimes to talk to a professor because you may feel intimidated or they have no time for you. Making a friend can eliminate all fears of embarrassment and shyness and allows you to be open. Second benefit is that you’ll learn better. Making a friend means that you have another person to bounce ideas and concepts off of and is also someone who can explain a concept to you in a different way if you don’t understand it. Offering a different perspective on a concept that you didn’t understand before may actually help enlighten you.

2.) A little practice never hurt

This is something that I cannot stress enough. Getting that extra practice in is crucial if you want to do well in the class. Physics is all about getting practice in so you get used to the type of questions that are typically asked. I’m not saying that you have to go and do 40 practice problems a day.

My recommendation is that after a new concept is taught, take some time and do 5 quick problems to solidify the concept and get your brain flowing. You’ll probably run into problems and you may have questions about how to solve a specific problem, but the act of you actually doing the questions helps keep your brain active about the concept therefore helping you retain the material in the long run.

3.) Textbook, what textbook?

Who needs a textbook nowadays? We live in the 21st century, which is the age of technology. Technology makes everything in our lives easier, even learning. There are so many untapped resources available for students on the internet to help explain concepts that are just waiting to be discovered.

Overall, getting a better grade in physics is not impossible. Follow these few tips and watch your grades improve!

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