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How AP can Jumpstart your College Career

Taking AP exams not only helps in getting into schools, but also saves you time and money

If you're a student reading this, you're probably thinking about how much you're dreading the upcoming month until you take your AP exams. Which is why you're unaware of how much those exams will actually help in the immediate future. The AP exams not only act as a resume booster for college applications, but has multiple benefits for your overall college career. Let's take a look at an AMAZING infographic below to prove our point:

The infographic pretty much speaks for itself, but there are a few facts that we think should be highlighted because it'll probably have the most impact on students.

  1. First Year GPA Boost in College - We're not saying that taking AP exams will automatically boost your GPA coming into your first year. The data just shows that students who do take AP exams have higher GPAs than students who don't take AP exams. Our hypothesis is that AP students are more motivated and therefore will push themselves to perform better coming into college. In addition, the level of learning achieved through taking AP courses could have an indirect impact on student performance. AP courses are more rigorous and require determination to excel, which can result in better study habits and possibly better retention of higher level materials.

  2. Graduate Faster- This is definitely a proven fact. Students who do take AP classes and pass their exams graduate more quickly vs. students who don't. By passing AP exams, many colleges and universities offer class credit to specific courses that they offer that reflect the same AP course the student took (i.e English 101 and 102 class credit for passing AP English Lit). The reason for this is the AP classes are designed to teach college level material for all the subjects offered. Therefore, it is assumed that students who perform well on the exam have a deeper understanding of the content and are given a "stamp of approval" to have mastered that course and not have to repeat a similar course again in college. This results in students being able to advance more quickly and take higher level courses and skip all the introductory level courses.

  3. Saves you Money!!! - Show me a college student who doesn't want to save money and I'll quit my job and work for you as your own personal assistant. This links back to the previous point. You can graduate quickly because you can get credit for classes depending on which AP exams you pass. Getting credit for courses means you don't have to take them, which means you don't have to pay for them. Think about it, without getting credit for those course, students will have to take those courses for credit, and taking college courses costs money. Now how does that not sound enticing?

Overall, it seems like enrolling to take AP exams to get ahead is not such a bad idea. Not only will you statistically get better grades, but you also will graduate more quickly. Oh yeah, and you save a couple thousand bucks along the way ;)

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