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Getting Ready for OmniPrep™

_Celebrating the Accomplishments of The Best Team I Have Ever Worked With _

Ask any team member at Omninox and they will tell you that the first two weeks of March 2014 were the two most intense weeks from their entire time working here. Why? Because AP® season is approaching, and we are making a big push to release an innovative way for students to practice on their iPad® or Mac through the iBooks® platform. Yet, despite the friction, the tension, and the stress, I am proud to say that every one of us pulled through, and our OmniPrep™ guides are now available for pre-order!

Why OmniPrep™?

When students take AP® Exams, the practice materials do not do the exam justice. Students spend months preparing, but how many of them actually practice using a stopwatch or a timer? The tension that is present in a room full of students taking a timed exam is difficult to imitate, because most students do not practice with a timer.

Omniprep™ not only comes with a timer, but also with customized feedback that provides the reader with a page number they can reference for more information regarding a question that they answered incorrectly. This would not have been possible without the writers of these guides also spending time researching appropriate questions that are on the same level of difficulty as the AP® Exam.

Promo Codes

For being readers of our posts, I want to give you an opportunity to gain early access these guides before they are launched on March 28th. If you don’t think you can use them, please share them with a friend or family member who would benefit. These promo codes are available to everyone reading this post, so they will go on a first-come, first-serve basis.

AP® Statistics



AP® Physics




To redeem these, simply go to the iBooks Store on your iPad® or Mac, then press the redeem button on the bottom of the page (iPad®) or in the right navigation bar (Mac). Please provide feedback here in the comments or leave a review

Disclosure: I am a co-founder of Omninox