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Elements that You Need When Building a Brand (Part 2)

More efforts for your new brand

In my previous post, Elements that You Need When Building a Brand (Part 1), I talked about the brand names, URLs, logos, slogans and social media. Even though you’re a startup company, these four elements are affordable for you to get ready for a new brand. If your budget allows you to touch more, packaging, character and jingle are your next goals (Keller, 2008).


Keller 2008 listed out several objectives that packaging must achieve:

· Identify the brand

· Convey descriptive and persuasive information

· Facilitate product transportation and protection

· Assist at-home storage

· Aid product consumption

As the internet and online shopping grow, some products may not need a real packaging. I still suggest you to put some effort on the “looking” of your product no matter it is an electronic book or a website. Don’t expect to attract your customer merely by good contents. People love appreciating beautiful things.


Characters are like mascots for brands. When you think of GEICO, can you recall the green lizard? When you think of Snuggle, can you recall the small bear? “Brand characters typically are introduced through advertising and can play a central role in ad campaigns and package designs (Keller, 2008).”

Although character is not a necessity for brands, just like each university has their own mascots, a good character helps people memorize you. Researchers told us that people remember pictures more easily than words. Why not create a character for your brand now?


Music also increases the memorability of your brand. “They often have enough catchy hooks and choruses to become almost permanently registered in the minds of listeners – sometimes whether they want them to or not (Keller, 2008)!” Also, it’s not a must for your brand. However, do remember to create an especially composed jingle for your brand when you have budget to do so.


Keller, Kevin Lane, M. G. Parameswaran, and Isaac Jacob. Strategic brand management: Building, measuring, and managing brand equity. Pearson Education India, 2011.

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