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Best Candies to Give Out on Halloween!

Halloween Candy Selection, a trick or a treat?

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve decided to change things up. This post differs from a majority of the content on this blog. With that being said, most of the U.S. adult population can probably remember trick-or-treating at least once in their lifetimes. I personally remember it as a fun time to dress up and go get as much candy as possible; only to put myself into a sugar coma for a few days afterword. Along the way though, there’s one thing that people all can relate to: what candy they get. For instance everybody would want to go to the house that gives the “best” candy. But what is the best candy? And how can you, as a super cool adult, make your house the talk of trick-or-treaters this Halloween? The following is a list of “good” candies in no particular order. This list is ranked on super scientific candy standards. But if you’re looking for real data, some can be found by visiting USA Today.

1.) M&Ms

They’re probably thought of as the “classic go-to” candy. As I child I always had more of these than anything else. If you get nothing else, these play a great role as a staple. You can’t really go wrong with a classic.

Pros: A classic favorite. They’re customizable in a variety of ways. Now you can change the colors, types (Peanut, pretzel etc.) and even print your own messages on them!

Cons: If you dislike chocolate, these aren’t for you. Also, they’re pretty calorie dense. To burn off one M&M the average person must walk the length of a football field.

2.) Starbursts

There’s nothing cooler than trading these bad boys for your favorite colors. Sometimes kids even collect “all the pink ones” for example. For the record, the red’s aren’t too bad.

Pros: There’s a reason they’re called a Starburst. They’re bursting with flavor. Also, it’s pretty fun to trade your friends for your favorite colors.

Cons: If you’ve ever gotten one of these stuck in your teeth, you’ll know how hard they’re to get out!

3.) Jelly Beans

These are my all time favorite. They’re a burst of flavor. And there’s a bunch of different flavors. If you can find small bags of these things, get them. Be aware that it’s almost impossible to have just one. Left alone with a full bag of these things, I’ll most likely eat them all; and so will kids.

Pros: There are a multitude of flavors to choose from.

Cons: Because of the various flavors, there are some people that dislike them. Or at least, certain flavors. For example, commonly, people have a strong distaste for the black licorice flavor.

4.) Laffy Taffy

Behind Jelly Beans would have to be Laffy Taffy in my opinion. However, they’re great! There are many different types of taffy flavors and all of them are long lasting. Again, as with the Starbursts, kids love to collect certain types. So get a bunch!

Pros: Many different types. Kids love them.

Cons: Get stuck in teeth easily (like everything else).

5.) Reese’s Pieces

People love chocolate and peanut butter. What happens when you get the perfect ratio of the two? You get Reese’s Pieces. They’re similar to M&Ms; except better in my opinion! However, you might not want to buy only these because they include peanuts.

Pros: A classic. And the top selling candy in the United States!

Cons: Contain peanuts. Beware.

Overall I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on five great Halloween candies. Now it’s up to you to do good in the world! Make someone’s Halloween!

*Not really.