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Yatit Thakker

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Yatit Thakker is a Co-Founder at Omninox. Outside of work, he likes to code web apps, read non-fiction, and game on his phone or PC.

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Pythonic AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) Course Framework

Pythonic APCSP: Introduction When College Board announced the launch of AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) in 2016, you could feel the excitement among the Computer Science teachers at the AP Conference in Anaheim, CA. 10 months later, the numbers confirmed that it was the largest course launch in AP history with 45,000 end...

3 Reasons Why Calculus Is so Hard

The derivative of its difficulty is also zero, so it will always be this hardCaptain Calculus So you are a pre-med or engineering student stuck in a Calculus class and just had your mind blown to its limits (no pun intended). Most students start scratching their heads when limits become derivatives. Then when derivatives...