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I love product, well, well-designed products. I enjoy learning about UX design best practices and product management principles.

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Suggested Assignments and How to Use Them

We understand that getting started on a new platform can be a pretty daunting task, so we decided to make it easier for those with "New Platform Anxiety." If you don't have this and wish to give the platform a try right away, then visit our sign up page and begin a trial. For...

Uploading your own Assignments

We understand that teachers have some great content out there that they use in their classrooms. This content is something that they may use every year. They can come in the form of word documents, pdf files, text files, etc. We believe that any and all documents deserves the right to be converted into...

How to Review an Assignment

Once students complete their assignment and the due date passes for the assignment, the teacher can review the assignment results. To review the assignment: A video tutorial on how to do this is shown below. Sorry, your browser doesn't support HTML5 video. Or you can also follow the directions provided below. 1.) Navigate to...

How to Create Long and Short Answer Questions

For some teachers, a short or long answer type questions could be needed for an assignment. On the platform, we allow you to create questions in this format which can be helpful for short free response/essay type questions. A video tutorial on how to do this is shown below. Sorry, your browser doesn't...