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AP US Government & Politics Review Question 1

Government and politics are establish the order within a society. Being based in the United States, it is important then to understand the politics and governmental policy of our governing country. This latest post covers yet another AP subject: AP US Government and Politics. With concepts heavily linked to US History, if you plan to take the AP US History exam, a review of APUSH content may be useful. Below is a typical question you may see day of the exam:

The Fair Deal economic program was developed by which of the following presidents?

The answer choices to select from are:

  • Harry Truman
  • John Kennedy
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Franklin Roosevelt

To answer this question, you need to know what economic program each president has succeeded in implementing during their time as president. President Lyndon Johnson called his economic program the "Great Society", with the main goal being the elimination of poverty and racial injustice. John Kennedy's program was called the "New Frontier," which sought to kump start the American economy after an academic downturn in the US. Franklin Roosevelt's economic program was called the "New Deal," which sought to correct the economic distress by The Great Depression through implementation of his "3 R's Program." Ronald Reagan's program was called "Reaganomics," which sought to reinvigorate the American economy through his four Reganomic Pillars.

Eliminating those choices leaves us with Harry Truman, who indeed did develop "The Fair Deal". Meant to be a continuation of the legacy left behind by FDR's New Deal, Truman's proposed policies was comprised of 21 points that outlined a series of proposed actions in the economic and social welfare fields.

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