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AP Biology Review Question 1

A detailed review of an AP Biology question available to invited Omninox Users

Now we cover a question from the AP Biology course as part of our series of posts reviewing for AP exams. Seeing as AP Biology is another course that has undergone relatively recent changes, it will be useful to review for the exams. Let's take a look at one of the questions below:

Angiosperms developed during this geologic period.

Your answer choices are:

  • Cambrian
  • Devonian
  • Jurassic
  • Cretaceous

Spoiler alert below!!!

The answer to this question is the Cretaceous period. The main reason for this was due to the rise of insects and pollenation. Early in seed-plant evolution, insects became pollen carriers. As a result, plants evolved in order to produce more nectar and odors that attracted insects to allow for more pollenation to occur. The earliest angiosperm nectar was found in the late Cretaceous period, but it probably evolved earlier (UNLV, n.d).

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