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7 Ideas for Unexpected Study Spots

When we think of the study grind, flashes of libraries and tall stacks of books often come to mind. This is natural, but it does not have to be the case. Certainly, some people do their best work in the library, but there is something to be said for turning your test prep into an adventure. There’s so much more out there other than libraries and coffee shops. I’m not the first person to suggest this, of course. Since we are in prime exam season, let’s take a look at some unusual potential study locales!

1.) Sports Stadiums

Although these might be super-busy during the fall football season, these places will be deserted during exam weeks. Take advantage of all of the free space and make the bleachers your workstation. Some fresh air couldn’t hurt either!

2.) Hiking Trails

Pack up your books and hit the trail! Once again, a great chance to find some solitude and clean air. Punctuate study sessions with exercise in order to stay alert and focused.

3.) Empty Classrooms

After classes end for the day, some schools might have open classrooms for you to use. Make use of multiple desks, computers and even projectors if they are available. Although you’re still in an academic building, you will have the freedom to change the environment to meet your needs!

4.) Museums

All the quiet of a library with fewer crowds! You’ll find yourself inspired by the creative works surrounding you. Plus, if you’re studying Art History, this may be a great chance to review some terminology.

5.) An Unfamiliar Town

Take a drive out to a city you’ve never visited before. Explore the parks, public building and cafés around the city and find what works well for you. The location’s novelty will keep the studying from getting stale and rejuvenate your interest in the material.

6.) Shores, Beaches and Banks

Most people find waterfront locales relaxing—so why not stave off exam stress on the banks of a nearby river? A walk along the beach could be a great way to stay active while reviewing need-to-know facts. Setting up near a lake will keep you cool and calm while you prep for your big exam!

7.) Auditoriums and Performance Halls

A big open stage might prove a quiet and flexible space for your test prep activities. Extra space also gives you a chance to move around to keep the blood flowing while you review flashcards and notes.

If none of these work for you, build your own space and create the perfect studying environment. So, where do you study? Share your unique test preparation spots with us!