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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Trips

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It is always the best time to travel when you are a student. Unless you are a teacher, or a person who has a similar work schedule as students, you won’t be able to have so many days off to go out. However, not like those who can afford to go wherever they want, students don’t have money to cover a fancy trip. If you are a rich kid who never worries about money, please ignore me and close the window now. If you are a “poor” student like me, I’m going to offer you some tips to save money, but also guarantee a good quality trip.

1.) Form a 4 (or multiple of 4) people group.

4 is the magic number when you go travel. A room with two queen beds (which allows a maximum of 4 people) usually costs almost the same amount as a room for two people. If you are travelling via taxi, you won’t need to take two cabs because you can all just fit into the same cab (as uncomfortable as it will be). It is a lot cheaper to have people share your bills.

2.) Hotels…Chosen by You

You can choose Hostels to save money. Hostels are good places to make friends and if you like the atmosphere, go for it. If you do not want to stay in dorm like (or some even worse than dorms) places every time you go travel, why not try bidding on a hotel online? You can NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on Priceline. I’m not advertising for this website. I just want to tell you that I saved a lot on hotel rooms by bidding on this website.

Have you ever doubted if they really offer the deal because you never successfully bid on one? Here’s my “hints of success”. When I’m bidding on a hotel, I never thought of successfully bidding on a 5 or 4½ star hotel. So, I’ll start with pretty low prices for these two levels. When it comes to the star level that I’m hoping to get, I’ll give a higher and more reasonable price (usually between 50% to 60% off the express deal). Trust me, they’re not lying. I ever got a 3 star for just $55 (without tax)!

3.) Find the best time to buy a flight.

Buying flight tickets at a right time also saves you some money. I’m not an expert in this area, but here is an article summarizes the “cheapest time to fly and best time to buy tickets”. Here are some tips they suggested:

  • Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly

  • Tuesday 3pm Eastern is the best time to buy ticket

  • Buy domestic tickets 3-4 months before you go. 4-5 months before for international flights.

  • These are some websites that you can find good deals:



Student Universe


4.) Groupons® are your best friend

Groupons® not only offer deals for restaurants, hotels, spas, etc., but they also offer deals for various activities. I even saw a $199 Skydiving deal for just $115! Go check Groupon® website, and the Livingsocial® website before you go. Find deals for your activities and eating.

5.) Car Rentals- I’m just too young

People always run into this problem and tend to forget when renting cars. If you are planning to rent a car during your trip, you need a person who’s at least 25 years old to rent it for cheap, otherwise you’ll end up spending a fortune due to added fees. Young Driver Fees vary by different states and it is counted by day. Take Florida for example, having a person who is above 25 in the group can save you $25/day!

Here are some car traveling websites that you can use to help plan your next trip and take!

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