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5 Health Tips for Staying up all Night

There are always healthier ways rather than making your body worse

Everyone likes a good grade. Mid-term and final’s week seem to become the “stay up all night” time every semester. Although the best health tip is “do not stay up”, I am not going to talk about the thing that is impossible. I am here to give you five health tips to bring less harm to your body.Study-Stress

1.)Take more vitamins

When you drink coffee, caffeine in some way inhibits the absorption of Vitamin D and Vitamin B (FitDay). Remember to have more fruit such as apple, star fruit, orange, lemon and grape.

2.)Choose healthier snacks

Metabolism slows down at the time you usually go to bed. Heavy meat or fried chips may make your stomach uncomfortable when you stay up all night. Healthier snacks such as yogurt, cereal or a mix of fruits take some burden from your digesting system.

3.)Have some nuts

“Research shows that nuts and seeds just might boost your brainpower and balance your moods” (Natural When studying all night, have some walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds to make your brain functions better.

4.)Massage a little bit when you feel tired

When you feel really tired, why not give your eye, head and shoulder a ten minute massage. You will feel much release and cheered after the massage.

5.)Don’t forget to take care of your eyes

Staying up all night means your eyes are also working for a whole night. Take of contacts when you are going to stay up all night studying. Bring some relief eye-drops with you. I bet you do not want to be the same as me—getting a sty because the eyes were too tired and dry.


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